Alan won the Perspex Sign of the Year Award in 2004 with his iconic design for Bibis Restaurant in Leeds. Featuring a half life-size chrome-plated resin siren, the sculpture is incorporated within a 1920’s-style setting, poised on tip-toe above a fantasy New York skyline, with Art Deco style lettering below, the theme reflecting the trademark Gatsby-style mirrored columns of the restaurant portico. Alan designed his sculpture to resemble an Oscar-style statuette, bearing a globe aloft, and reflecting the Hollywood glamour of the restaurant interior. Raising the siren over the main entrance of the prestigious Italian restaurant proved quite a task, as the chrome plating makes the sculpture very heavy, belying her tip-toe pose. If you are ever in Leeds, you can see Alan’s iconic design presiding over the restaurant and welcoming diners today to this glamorous venue.